Last week we released the Equipment update, consisting of two smaller ones — equipment loot boxes and crafting.

We got feedback that it’s difficult to guess what the equipment is for, and it’s our fault that we released so little information on its uses. Let us reveal them.

The ship…

Hey, fam.

We are glad to announce that we established approximate dates of our IDO and Public Round.

We expect to launch IDO on 3 platforms from 10 to 15 December 2021.The launchpad names will be announced closer to these dates.The conditions of joining the IDO will be explained later.

Announcing 2-level rewards system:

1️⃣Chosen ambassadors that follow the Code of Gravis Finance ambassadors honor (Rules of participation)

Will get:

🌚 a possibility to participate in ambassadors dedicated giveaways biweekly

🌚 guaranteed place in the white list!

2️⃣Biggest ambassadors

Will get:

🌚Rewards from 1️⃣

🌚GRVS allocation

The Gravis Finance team…


The ship equipment will go live in the second major release of Gravis Finance’s (A)steroid Mining NFT game. There will be a total of 6 different types of equipment available, each providing a randomized bonus to one or both of the two ship stats: the amount of GRVX a ship…


After the first space fleet had been assembled and the Captains had gathered, the conflict between Galactic Government and mega-corporations began.

While scientists were developing more durable ship models that would be able to go to mining missions more than once, corporations flooded the space with illegal docks and ship…


🎮Gamified🕹 DeFi ecosystem. ☄️(A)Steroid Mining. 🎴Smart NFT assests. Multichain. Cross-chain. 💸💸💸High profit yield farming .

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