IDO and Public Round explained

2 min readNov 29, 2021


Hey, fam.

We are glad to announce that we established approximate dates of our IDO and Public Round.

We expect to launch IDO on 3 platforms from 10 to 15 December 2021.The launchpad names will be announced closer to these dates.The conditions of joining the IDO will be explained later.

Approximately from 21 to 23 December 2021, the Public Round INO will take its place.We will make a special page for that on our site.

Public Round pools and conditions

There will be 5 pools where you can buy NFTs with guaranteed GRVS token allocation.

The maximum amount of participation per one wallet is limited to 10000 USDT. The minimum amount is 500 USDT.

To join any of the first 4 pools you need to be a confirmed whitelist member. The last pool will be available for everyone.


Meteor Shower pool explained

This pool works using a reverse dutch mechanic. It means that each participant enters this pool with some USDT (there is a minimum required amount), there is a pre-defined number of NFTs, and there is a deadline. When the deadline is reached, the total amount of USDT is divided by the total amount of NFTs, and those who put enough get their share of NFTs plus change. A participant can withdraw their bid at any time before the deadline. For example, there are 1000 participants in this pool, each one put 500 USDT. We have a total of 3000 NFTs. So we divide 500 000 USDT by 3000 NFTs and get a price of 166 USDT per 1 NFT. So, each participant gets 3 NFTs plus 2 USDT change. And the price for 1 GRVS will be ~1.5 USDT. This is a simplified example, the real amount of NFTs per participant will be calculated based on the bid amount.

How to secure your place in the Whitelist

We will randomly select people from our Gravis Finance Public Round Whitelist Form However, you can secure a place by completing any of these conditions:

  • Have 25 referrals in our Evervoid referral program
  • Lock 2 500 000 GRVX for 3 months in a special contract
  • Have one First Mate of each type on your wallet
  • Be among the first 20 places (all time) in our Evervoid Leaderboard by the start of the Public Round

Let’s Rock, fellas!




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