Gravis Finance Referral Program

2 min readNov 22, 2021


Dear users,

We are glad to present you the long-awaited referral program. It will be going live in a couple of weeks.

You will be able to invite your friends and earn rewards such as in-game assets and our GRVX tokens.

To join you should do the following:

  1. Go to the referral program page

2. Connect your wallet

3. Copy your referral link

How to get your referral reward

In order for a referral to be counted, they need to visit our site using your referral link and complete any of the following actions:

  • buy any loot box
  • launch any ship on classic mining mission

Please note that the level of your reward depends on the number of users that completed ane action above. So, even if you give your referral link to a hundred people and they visit our site using it, but don’t complete any of the above-mentioned actions, you will still have 0 referrals.

What are the rewards?

We will be glad to see your friends joining our platform. Let’s have fun, earn profits, and find new tips and tricks of the Evervoid game in a good company.




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