Uncharted frontiers and Metaverse land


After the first space fleet had been assembled and the Captains had gathered, the conflict between Galactic Government and mega-corporations began.

While scientists were developing more durable ship models that would be able to go to mining missions more than once, corporations flooded the space with illegal docks and ship building plants.

To avoid conflict escalation, the Galactic Government urgently issued a code of laws about space territories. In accordance with this code, the entire populated space was divided into quadrants 1 by 1 light week.

The code allowed to bring more order into the territory developing processes and equal opportunities for everyone willing to invest.

Dev comments

In late 2021 — the beginning of 2022 the (A)steroid Mining metaverse will get an update that will allow gamers to buy\sell land. The land is a commonly known concept in the gaming industry, ours will have these uses:

  1. Clan territory — to create a clan you must own enough land.
  2. Various buildings — resource-gathering, scouting, entertaining (space races are coming, baby), and many other types can be built using new resources along with existing ones. The total amount of buildings per one land is limited.
  3. Inter-dimensional travel — the owner can transfer their land between supported networks along with all the buildings — to avoid space invasions or for economic purposes, you decide.
  4. …and more

Main features

  • Initially, the land can be initially bought at an open Auction.
  • Later, it can be traded between players using our own marketplace called Gmart.
  • Each piece of land can be bought only on any one supported network (BSC, Polygon), the other network will reserve it’s coordinates for the transfer possibility.



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