GRVX (a)Steroid Mining and the new NFTs

Usually, we at Gravis Finance do some complicated things. We connect blockchains using bridges, invent complex math for farming and normal token distribution, and so on.

But still, we are the big fans of NFT, and we believe in its huge potential. So, before launching our second token called GRVX we decided to have some fun. We took out the board games, got into some really messy online skirmishes, and of course drank some nice craft beer. And while we were partying hard we got an idea. We realized that there is too much technology and too little fun in our products. And so we decided to gamify the GRVX release!

From now on the GRVX token will be a valuable resource that can be mined on asteroids. To be able to mine it you will need a fast starship with some cool features, a brave captain, and an experienced first mate.

Naturally, the ship can fly and mine without any of the above due to the advanced automatics, but there’s no tech that can fully replace a human mind. Very soon, three great captains will meet you in the Hall of the Captains. It will be a starting point to form your crew and adjust your mining gear. The captains (and the other units) will be available in a form of smart NFTs, each with their own unique characteristics.

Later on, we will release the crucial part of our new space journey — the ships, from small and versatile to grand leviathans, will become available in the Lunar Docks.

The ships will be presented in a form of Lootboxes — several NFTs in one box with a certain chance to be of any rarity, the particular type of each card revealed upon unboxing. We will continue to add more parts and crew members, every NFT beautifully drawn by our friends, the renowned artists. But let’s get down to business. There will be different GRVX farming pools with real (or not) asteroids’ names, unique for each supported network. The basic part of the mining initiative, the ship, will have pre-set GRVX farming speed based on the model.

Various additional parts like improved thrusters or adamantium drills will enhance the ship’s mining abilities. And the noble captains will provide access to unique GRVX + GRVS farming pools, allowing you to get even more rewards and fame. And of course, you will be able to combine several identical NFTs to create a more powerful one. Also, you can use or GMart trading post to obtain the needed pieces from other users without the randomness of the Lootboxes.

The farming will be available after the release of the first collection of ships. You can send them to mine without any additional gear, but a ship captain is a very good boost. Every collection is limited so the price for each unique piece will likely go up on the secondary market. Also, please remember that once a ship is assembled and sent away, there is no turning back and re-fitting. You will need to build and crew another ship, but you can send as many as you want, not limited by an asteroid (pool) or a star system (that’s a network in our space slang). We will be presenting more detailed info on this new mining mechanic soon enough.
Stay tuned, the real fun is just beginning!