Big Bang Round explained


Gravis.Finance is a project aimed at the community. Therefore, we are making the first round of token distribution for the community. At an early stage, few people believe in projects, but those who believe deserve to receive the biggest bonuses in the future. The allocation size is limited by 690 000 GRVS and the first round is open to all users.

The second feature of Big Bang Round is the sale of NFTs, with which the buyer farms GRVS tokens. These NFTs can be sold on the internal trading post if you decide you do not want to farm. Besides the fixed number of GRVS tokens, the user will receive an additional bonus, which depends on the card value. If you are patient, then you will get an additional bonus.

NFT Card Types and GRVS Farming

There are three pools of NFT tokens on the Big Bang Round: Believer, Advocate, and Evangelist. We sell NFT tokens for the Binance Smart Chain stablecoins — BUSD, USDT, USDC. The cost of the NFT: ‘Believer’ — 500,’ Advocate’ — 1000, ‘ Evangelist’ — 2000.

The number of tokens that the user will receive and bonuses are shown in the table below.

Big Bang Round GRVX avg. price and Bonuses

After buying the Big Bang Round NFT tokens, the user can wait for the start of Gravity Farming or sell the NFTs on the internal marketplace or on another p2p platform. We will illustrate a detailed description of Gravity Firming in a separate article.

The higher the cost of NFT, the higher the speed of farming, the size of the bonus, and so on. The initial farming speed and the amount of additional GRVS bonus cannot be changed. For example, a card from the ‘Believer ‘ category farms GRVS tokens at a rate of 1% per day, and the farming rate increases by 0.25% every 10 days. The farming pool for this map is Time.

Big Bang Round participants have the advantage of being the first to receive GRVS. In addition, each of the bonus pools contains extra bonuses, in addition to the guaranteed ones.



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