Dear Community.

The last two weeks have been extremely productive and eventful. The selling round of our NFT Captains was successfully closed and we are intensively preparing for the launch of the lootboxes and the first missions in (A)steroid mining.

Our small team that started this project in April with only 10 people has grown to almost 20, and if you count our partners (who we consider part of our family) and outstaff, it’s probably more than 30 people.

Every day we work hard to create the best product on the DeFi market and get closer to the mission we set out to achieve from the beginning: to provide an affordable basic income tool for anyone.

Thanks to a great community, great managers and people who support us not only by buying our NFTs, but also by the many Likes, Reposts and comments on our social networks, we are becoming more and more visible. And one might even say popular.

We are standing at the stage of a big event, which will allow us to take the greatest step that will change everything. And we did it because of your endless support and faith in us. I can’t give away all the details just yet, but one thing I can say with certainty is that you’re a fantastic community.

We’ve never made it a secret that we are committed to the community and we don’t separate it from the project.

But there are individual members who put a lot of effort and help us make our product better every day.

Like any project, we strive to become successful and recognizable. However, our main goal is to be a project that helps people in return.

So far our power is not very strong, but we can still do something: we would like to release an NFT with the names of all those who have actively helped us to create the Gravis Finance story. All the people who came here because they were interested in the project and asked us to help. These people translated into their languages, helped answer community questions, maintained our groups and chats and did many other things that were useful for the project, simply because they believed in us. They are also part of our big international family. Thank you! Without you, Gravis Finance would never have become what it is going to become. You changed history and your names will forever be in the most honorable place and preserved in one of the blocks of the network.

PS this is not a Commercial NFT, it will not give any profits, it will not sell, but it will keep in history the names of the great heroes who stood at the very origins.

With the deepest respect,

Darth Andeddu,

Founder Gravis Finance